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Role Based Security Awareness

Awareness is an important first step for everyone to the world of IT Security. The goal of awareness is to inform people what to watch out for when addressing IT security concerns. Simple suggestions or steps may be provided, but awareness is not meant to be detailed training. It is the first stop to discuss what a security topic means, and provides ideas of where to look next. Please use our awareness modules, or the links provided below to refresh your knowledge on common security topics. The SANS Ouch newsletter is also an excellent tool to stay in the loop on current security topics of interest.

Role Based Security Awareness Presentations

  • Your Role in SecureUGA
  • Security in the Workplace
  • What is Sensitive Data?
  • Securing Portable Electronic Devices
  • Password Security
  • Identity Theft & Fraud
  • Electronic Virus Protection
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • E-mail and Web Security
  • Online Personalities and Avatars
  • CAN the SSN

Campus Awareness Material

Online Resources from Outside UGA